The rise of online games attracted two kinds of people: the ones who want to try and make a career of professional gaming, and the ones who want to make a profit of these players. Both of these sides are valid and help esports become even more known.

When CSGO first appeared, it was mostly played with friends, it was also a way to meet new people and discuss with them various tactics. Now it is so much more: people turn on not only this game, but go on and watch others play it. Why? The same reason people keep watching sports: to feel included in a team, to learn strategies and to share game motivation.

But, as I mentioned, there is another kind of people who try to profit from the people who make gaming their careers. Actually, each person watching these professional matches can do it and add a little bit more excitement to the game. After all, it is much more interesting to watch the match you have an amount of money at stake.

This can be done by using trusted betting websites, where you can bet some money and share your team’s victory.

Betting cannot be disconnected from professional CSGO matches. This activity makes the matches more interesting and allows people to feel more connected to the victory and the team, not to mention other players in the game.

Professional gamers and bettors

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